Hundreds Of Millions of Users

We have used our design sprint to help large companies, and successful startups, design and launch products that have reached hundreds of millions of users worldwide. 


Live video streaming and video hosting

Acquired by IBM


Real time collaboration and offline sync for MS Office

Acquired by Google

Amir and his team delivered beautiful, outstanding work. We enjoyed our entire experience working with him. Amir listens, focuses on understanding the goals and truly takes ownership of the end product. At all times, you can feel that Amir is fully vested in the work as if it were his own. Most of all, Amir ended up doing a better job of managing our timeline than even we did, which was a total bonus.

Shan Sinha

Founder & CEO, DocVerse


Data management and visualization for governments

Acquired by Tyler Technologies


Track, discover and watch favorite TV shows online

Acquired by Rovi


Online video publishing and search platform

Acquired by Limelight Networks


Smart audience analytics for marketing and advertising

Facebook should acquire it

Amir and his team helped us refine the thinking behind our product and thus contributed to a better product design. He asks the right questions and thinks through the problems in detail. He is a rare combination of creative designer and analytical thinker. He is a great to person to work with as well.

Sree Nagarajan

Founder & CEO, Affinity Answers

And Our Very Own Products

We also design, develop and launch our own products to 100,000+ professionals and businesses worldwide. We then integrate the lessons and skills we learn from creating and marketing those products into our own design sprint.


A QR tag for cars and personal items that allows people to ping you in case of an emergency, without sharing your contact information with them


Use Keynote or PowerPoint to prototype apps

Our flagship product with 100,000+ happy customers

Ever have an awesome idea for an iPhone app but don’t have the graphic design skills to build a good mockup to show off to potential partners? Well, put away your pencils and napkins and go check out Keynotopia!



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Automated status reports for teams and managers

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