What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a 5-day deep dive into designing a new product, adding new features, or improving existing ones, enabling companies to avoid the endless back-and-forth between team members to come to design decisions.

The goal of a Design Sprint is to answer business and marketing questions, and to create blueprints and prototypes to validate ideas and assumptions with real users by the end of the week.


How does our Design Sprint training work?

The best way to teach your team about Design Sprints is to have them participate in a full Design Sprint with us.

Throughout the process, we provide detailed overview of what each step does, why it’s included in the process, how it helps transition from the previous step to the following one, and then show how to apply that step to the design challenge at hand.

The experience that your team gets from solving an actual design problem using our Design Sprint will be far more interactive, memorable, and fun than watching an instructor teach them about it, and then give them made-up design exercises to solve.

Most companies prefer to get that training as a free by-product of solving a design challenge that team members care about, and are familiar with.

We’ve helped many companies design, launch and grow their products using our design process, and we would love to help you accomplish similar results:

Amir has an exceptional skill to extract and blend all the determining factors: functionality, mission, business model, team, etc. – to create first valuable steps and a feasible vision of your product. His personality and experience make the workflow very smooth and effective. I strongly recommend him to any company.

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

Founder and CEO, Compass

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Whether you're working on a brand new idea, redesigning an existing product, or planning an upcoming feature, we would love to hear about it, and to give you a free consultation with our best ideas, insights and recommendations.